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A successful claim may result in you being able to clear your mortgage by up to 70% and the lenders name taken off the deeds

Do you have a mortgage?

Do you know there is an 80% possibility your mortgage has been securitised (sold on) to a 3rd party?

Do you know a situation may have been created where as a result of securitisation you could benefit by clearing up to 70% of your mortgage upon a successful claim?


A successful claim may result in you being able to clear your mortgage

Act now to remedy this wrong

The process isn’t difficult, fill out the claim form to see if you qualify.



I stumbled across the clear your mortgage advert on facebook. The advert was very impressive and at first I thought it was too good to be true, clear my mortgage? How? I called their free phone number for more information and their advice was second to none. They logically explained exactly what I needed to do and how long the process would take. They gave me the confidence to proceed with my case and I am now at stage two of the process. Job well done! Would definitely recommend this team to any homeowner alike.

- Mr & Mrs Hawkins, Bicester

I heard about clear your mortgage threw a friend. At first I was reluctant but I really had nothing to loose. For a small fee, I applied to get legal advice to see if I had a chance to clear my mortgage. The team at the other end of the phone were extremely helpful in assisting me to take the claim to the next level. They explained the process jargon-free and were clear and concise about what could be achieved. I am now at stage two, that much closer to clearing my mortgage! I would advise anyone reluctant to take the step just to call the experienced team and let them walk you through the steps to financial freedom, like they have done with me. Great job guys. Two thumbs up!

- Jasper

I would like to say a massive thank you to clear your mortgage in assisting me onto stage two of clearing my mortgage. When dealing with such an important matter such as my mortgage, the very friendly team was approachable and clearly answered any of my doubts and questions, most importantly free from all the ‘law’ jargon.

- Daniel

Thank you for absolutely everything you have done in helping me with a legal opinion. The communication, professionalism and efficiency throughout the whole process was above and beyond. Thank you so much once again I am forever humble and grateful for your service.

- Fergus

Thank you for a 5 star service, your commitment from start to finish has been extremely efficient. I was satisfied with the step by step process from ongoing communication through to explaining the legal process. I would confidently recommend this highly professional company who provide phenomenal outcomes.

- Millie


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